Sunday, May 10, 2015

a short experiment in scheduling

Wenatchee The Hatchet would not self-identify as a particularly prolific blogger.  Any and all are welcome to dispute that.

But owing to offline circumstances and this propensity to write we'll try something out here at Wenatchee The Hatchet, scheduling.  So there will be maybe sorta the usual number of posts that might appear in a week but rationed out based on scheduling rather than the precedent of lump sum, auto-stamp publishing.

There's been a few things incubating for months Wenatchee The Hatchet has meant to getting to before at this blog, but it's only been recently that some of that has been possible to assemble.  So some of the stuff that'll go up this week is stuff that's been sitting around for months awaiting publication.  Some of it's stuff that would have been in linkathons earlier.  Some of it's musical analysis Wenatchee would have gotten to literally years ago if other things hadn't cropped up in the Puget Sound area. 

What this doesn't mean is that comments won't be tracked/moderated and so on.  Not that people tend to comment here much but if you want to comment on, say, the merits or lack thereof in Matiegka's handling of sonata form this will be YOUR week. :)  If you want to vent about other topics Wenatchee is indisputably more "famous" for, this is not gonna be any different a week for you than earlier ones were.  If the Mars Hill leaders of the past weren't busy staying on social media and staying on the conference scene Wenatchee would be more than happy to explore early 19th century guitar literature for its use of sonata form and play some more with writing about cartoons. 


NickW said...

I know Mars Hill is your forte, but any chance you'll comment on the Tony Jones abuse story and how people like Rachel Held Evans and others and trying to keep it in the dark?

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Wouldn't say Jones is the part of the emergent pool I'm most familiar with. I've commented just a handful of times about Jones and Evans respectively.

When Tony Jones and Peter Rollins decided to sound off on Driscoll a while back, posted this.

Others have been discussing what evidence has been available as to whether or not Jones has harmed his reputation in a way comparable to Driscoll.

Driscoll has a lot of flaws but he has stuck by his family through it, which seems to be more than can be said about Jones.

More generally, that Tony Jones and Mark Driscoll swam in the emergent pool invites the proposal that regardless of where they've moved in their theology or politics, to the right or the left, the crew has produced some leaders who are not good

For RHE, well, if she wanted to do anything useful challenging Driscoll on copyright infringement would have been more substantial. The First Amendment defends the right of people to say things we find objectionable or terrible. Evans took the low road of objecting to style and the substance of views that are still protected speech. What she didn't do was anything that mattered, unless you count promoting her wares.

Evans has said and done nothing of any consequence to interrogate the star-making apparatus that catapulted Driscoll into celebrity. Why should she critique that system now that she's about to also benefit from it? There are principled conservative and progressive Christians out there but the likes of Driscoll and Evans are not among them, so far as I'm concerned.

Jason said...

Not sure if you saw this yet, but Tony Jones's lawyer seems to think a judge in Minnesota has jurisdiction over your blog posts on this subject: