Sunday, April 05, 2015

HT Jim West, evidence of ancient Egyptian beer-brewing in Tel Aviv, and a matter of perspective of whether Israel was a strong autonomous kingdom and/or a long-lived Egyptian buffer state

Depending on who you read lately, there's some archaeological evidence of ancient Egyptian style beer brewing in Tel Aviv.  While within the perspective of biblical authors Israel may have been construed as the center of the universe, in a context of Egyptian history the realm that's come to be known as Israel may have just always been a buffer state for Egyptian military concerns.

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Dan said...

Israel was situated in between the two major cultural hegemons of the ancient middle east, Egypt and Assyria/Babylon. Even when Israel was able to pursue independent political and military policies, it was never really beyond the influence of the nearby regional superpowers. Even when Israel was able to defend against incursions by either major power, it never meant that they were going to then be able to march on Egypt or Assyria and take their capitals. A plausible analogy: Ho Chi Minh could outlast the US intervention in Vietnam, but he would never ever ever ever have been able to roll a tank column down Pennsylvania Ave.