Tuesday, March 24, 2015

so there was this plug for The Church Leaders List at Ministry Communicators Association's Facebook page on March 19, and MCA was founded by ...

For those lately appraised of this:
This site has now be taken down but here's proof
Be advised the above tweet is no longer available.  However, it isn't the only available evidence that Justin Dean promoted the list in at least one other avenue. 
It would appear that over at Ministry Communicators Association's Facebook page somebody plugged for a Church Leaders list.  You can check it out over here, at least for now:
And if you want to get a look-see and it happens to not be around if you're reading this just now ...
maybe collapse the right-hand menus a bit here:

If Justin Dean never intended for the list to be bought, as he has lately indicated at his website, why was it advertised as something to be bought at the MCA website on March 19, 2015?  An oversight? 

and ... here's the listing of the founder of Ministry Communicators Association, Justin Dean

and let's take a look at some of the contributors and featured authors.

Justin Blaney is down at the lower right hand corner.

Perhaps things can get cleared up here, but it sort of looks like Justin Dean was not only commending a site where a list could be obtained and commending it to Craig Gross, it seems over at a Facebook page for the organization Justin Dean founded, somebody saw fit to link up an ad that urged people to go buy and download a list.

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