Tuesday, March 24, 2015

per the recent list-selling story--have Mars Hill Church's current legal officers authorized the distribution of Mars Hill related data?

So Justin Dean explained he was involved in the distribution of the list.  In what capacity, though?  As founder of Ministry Communicators Association?  As some kind of ambassador for Mars Hill?  While recent coverage has mentioned Mark Driscoll doesn't the Secretary of State of Washington indicate lately that the President is Dave Bruskas and the Secretary is Caleb Walters? 


It does, lately, and if someone were authorized to distribute a list of Mars Hill members or donors to a third party wouldn't that person need some kind of authorization from the legal officers of Mars Hill Church?  Has anyone interviewed Bruskas or Walters about this? 

It seems that in Justin Dean's statement he expressed regret about Craig Gross's email in terms of its content rather than expressing regret that there was a list of names and emails that was available to be bought and sold.  So far it's not known if Justin Dean issued any unequivocal repudiation of the act of the list being available for sale.  If he has then clarification's welcome but as yet it's not completely clear.

So far, it seems impossible for Justin Dean to have distributed a list of names associated with Mars Hill without some kind of permission from its legal officers.  Yet we've been told in news coverage last year that Mark Driscoll resigned.  So unless there were some requirement in the original charter or articles of incorporation indicating that Mark Driscoll would always be a member of Mars Hill Fellowship/Mars Hill Church, what's with Justin Dean talking about Mark Driscoll and not about the formal legal officers of Mars Hill Church?  Perhaps that can be cleared up?  If Mark Driscoll resigned eldership but not membership that would be something to clear up, and if Driscoll resigned both and Justin Dean is no longer employed by Mars Hill Church then on whose authority was Justin Dean permitted to distribute the list to begin with?

After all, however unfortunate a person could regard Craig Gross's solicitation, had Justin Dean not been given the data and given some kind of authorization to have it distributed this whole recent incident couldn't have happened.

Some stuff to consider, at least. 

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