Wednesday, March 18, 2015

local coverage updates on the former MH real estate associated with Sammamish and Downtown

Sammamish council approves $6.1 M purchase of Mars Hill property

This 107-year-old downtown church is about to become a restaurant and ballroom

Because regular readers know Wenatchee the Hatchet does try to keep track of this kind of stuff from time to time.

Per earlier discussions of Downtown's old location back in 2012:

One of the region's newest and fastest-growing churches will soon take up residence in one of Seattle's oldest church buildings.
Mars Hill Church plans to relocate its downtown branch this fall from Belltown to the former First United Methodist Church at Fifth Avenue and Marion Street.

Here's a bit more from the article:

Mars Hill Church, a nondenominational, evangelical Christian congregation, has outgrown its location in the former Tabella nightclub, said Tim Gaydos, lead pastor of the downtown church.
Gaydos said the church holds five weekend services for about 1,500 people and was looking for a larger venue downtown that would allow it to continue its ministries to the homeless and to young women caught in the sex-trafficking trade.

"Our heart has always been not just for a great church but for a great city. Being in this location allows us to serve and love Seattle better," Gaydos said.
The deal almost didn't happen. Mars Hill looked at the First United Methodist Church building a year ago but Daniels didn't want to sell or completely relinquish control, said Tom Graff, commercial president of Ewing & Clark Real Estate. [emphasis added]
Graff said he got Gaydos and Daniels to talk directly, and they agreed on a five-year lease. "With a lot of hard work, the deal came together," Graff said.

Almost didn't happen, eh?  Mars Hill started looking at the building a year ago but Daniels didn't want to 1) sell or 2) completely relinquish control of the property.  The lease has made the news as of this week.

Not relinquishing all control over the real estate and not selling turn out to have been remarkably prudent policies.

In other news ...

Former Mars Hill Churches Continue Support for Ethiopian Pastors

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