Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Justin Dean's account of what has transpired

This was lately published by Justin Dean at his website.


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I was involved in distributing a list of church leaders to a couple of people who I assumed would only use it to spread the gospel and bible teaching.

This was a mistake and because of my actions this list got into the hands of Craig Gross from xxxchurch who used it to send a scandalous email about my good friend, Pastor Mark Driscoll. He took what I intended to be used for spreading the gospel and instead used it to spread gossip for his own personal gain.

I had nothing to do with Craig’s email. However, this happened because of my foolish behavior and I am sorry for that.

I did not intend for this to happen nor did I know that it was going to happen. I am deeply saddened that someone who claims to be a pastor would use a list to attack another pastor and spread gossip. Pastor Mark was not involved in this at all, even though Craig is trying to claim that he was.
Pastor Mark and I love each other very much and I am very distraught over the pain I have caused his family because of this, but thankful for his grace and forgiveness. I ask that those reading this would also forgive me, as it was never my intention for the list to be used in this way, nor was it my place to let it get into the hands of people who would use it this way.

Although I believe Craig’s actions were ungodly, I am equally ashamed that my name is associated with this, and for my lack of discernment.

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