Friday, March 20, 2015

follow-up on a comment by a Justin Dean here at WtH--Dean alleged The Stranger published an invented conversation. Which one?

Back on March 11, 2015 one Justin Dean commented on a blog post here at Wenatchee The Hatchet.  The blog post in question was about David Hayward's comments on Justin Dean's interview with Justin Blaney, for those who want some background.  A Justin Dean dropped by with the following comment.  Presented for your consideration is an ever so slightly redacted form of the comment that omits a particular way of addressing an author at Wenatchee The Hatchet. 
Justin Dean said... 
... [formal address omitted], your posts are so long it's hard to even respond to your points. I'll do my best. I would respond to bloggers and journalists all
the time, trying our best to be open and communicate well. There were periods of time when we'd not respond at all. That was frustrating at
times but we were doing our best to try and wade through the storm. The Stranger was just brutal and mean and would twist what I would say so we eventually just ignored them because they were hateful no matter what. They even posted a whole conversation with me once that was completely made up. It never happened. They aren't to be trusted. [emphasis added]
I would reply to Warren Throckmorton as well, only to have him not report my comments or only report one part of my response and not the whole thing. He manipulated his stories how he saw fit. So one sided and we couldn't win.
So I'm not sure what your point is. We tried, but when "reporters" aren't acting with integrity how are you supposed to deal with it?
 10:02 PM
[from 03-11-2015]

A few questions

1.  Would Justin Dean confirm whether the person who made the comment here was none other than the former MH PR lead who was interviewed recently by Justin Blaney?
2.  Which conversation does the Justin Dean allege The Stranger invented that they posted or published? 
3.  More specifically, what was the article, the date, the author, the subject, and the context of the alleged fabricated conversation?
4.  Was Justin Dean fielding this question on behalf of not only himself but of Mars Hill Church as a corporation? Or was he speaking strictly on his own behalf?

It's a pretty serious allegation to claim that The Stranger invented a conversation that never happened in something they published, apparently dealing with the subject of Mars Hill Church. 

Would Justin Blaney be willing to do another video interview with Justin Dean and let The Stranger's Brendan Kiley interact with Dean?

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