Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Craig Ross provides account of the list buying, his understanding of Justin Dean's role, and where the names came from in connection to Mars Hill


You'll potentially just want to read the whole thing.

But of note ..., Craig Ross wrote the following:
We have known a lot of people from Mars Hill church (Seattle) over the years and even had Justin Dean do a project for us for about 30 days he worked with us. Justin Dean was the PR guy at Mars Hill for several years and ran point for Mark on a number of different projects. We interacted with Justin during the R13 conference and had stayed in touch from time to time. When Mars was shutting down, we contacted  Justin about doing some more work with us and decided at the end of a 30 day project it was not a fit for us. I know he has continued to do work for Mark since leaving Mars. 
At the end of last year, he let us know that Mars Hill was selling off the Resurgence website and all its assets. The going price was about 100k. We were not interested.

Last week, Justin emailed one of our staff and let us know that the email list from Resurgence was available for purchase for $1500 or $1350 with a coupon code I found at checkout. 


Coming from him, we assumed this was a legit list of 90k emails from people involved with Resurgence. He told us he didn’t own the list or was not the one selling the list but we assumed it was solid since he was referring it to us and the site was public. 

... and there's more but this is a bit early for Wenatchee to try to summarize things.


Heartbroken said...

Looking forward to when you do summarize. Gross has already posted some pretty damning information about the URL etc of that website. I'm amazed at the hubris of selling this off - but then again, I guess I shouldn't be after looking at what has been transpiring through the years. A leopard can't change his spots.

Adam Dolhanyk said...
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Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

one spam like Craig Gross' would have to be likened to cockroaches. You'll never have just one of them if you've seen one. There's potentially a platoon out there of comparable spam that has been able to use whatever list was bought and sold. We can't be sure just yet. But Adam's probably right that there have to have been other buyers.

Heartbroken, there's a bit of stuff. It might not illuminate much but it's something.

Adam Dolhanyk said...

i deleted my previous comment because investigation proved that i was incorrect on this specific, but not that my email and the list it's on wasn't shopped to someone else too