Monday, March 23, 2015

Craig Gross on Twitter "Apparently Mark Driscoll still has an army of fans that aren't mad that their email address was sold but get mad at any mention of Mark"
Craig Gross@craiggross

Apparently Mark Driscoll still has an army of fans that aren't mad that their email address was sold but get mad at any mention of Mark

6:38 PM - 23 Mar 2015

Well, there's a bit in there that might bore you but the good old CSV import/export protocol process sure seems familiar. 

Then there's this:
How did people join this list?
This list was compiled from some of the largest churches, conferences, and Christian leadership websites. Everyone on this list opted in to emails from third parties through one of our partners and affiliates. We’ve gathered all the names together into one list to provide you with one of the largest and most up-to-date lists of Christians and Church Leaders.

But the question still isn't answered how those churches got that information, just yet.  It seems like it might matter if the list came from Mars Hill or from Resurgence Publishing Inc because ...

Again, just a guess here, Resurgence Publishing Incorporated theoretically could sell a list.
Consolidated financial statements
for the year ended June 30,2012

from Nature of Activities -
... The Church's programs include Sunday services, community oriented ministries, leadership development, and training. One program, the Resurgence, fulfills many of the Church's leadership and training functions by publishing content online and in print, hosting conferences and events, and providing internships and classes, including Re:Train (The Resurgence Training Center), which offers graduate-level instruction for leaders from around the world.

Principles of Consolidation -

The consolidated financial statements include the accounts of Mars Hill Church and its wholly owned corporation, Resurgence Publishing, Inc, and wholly owned LLC, Mars Hill Properties - 50th LLC, which was dissolved during the year (collectively, the Church). All material inter-organization transactions have been eliminated. [emphasis added]

If all material inter-organization transactions were eliminated what did that mean?  If all material inter-organization transactions were eliminated then it seems like either the church provided the list of names or Resurgence did but if Resurgence Publishing Inc. provided the names it's distinct from the church ... right?

Again, though, we need a lot of confirmation of a lot of stuff at the moment that one can only hope will be forthcoming.

so far it's looking messy ...

If Justin Dean's got time to interact with Craig Gross could he explain which conversation he believes The Stranger fabricated in a thing they posted?

But let's clear something up here, Craig Gross or an associate buying a list of contacts for a marketing/fundraising campaign is above board.  That's normal.  Non-profits and for-profit companies do this every year.  What's unusual is the provenance of the list seems to be in question.  Gross shouldn't be getting any trouble from people who think he has somehow preyed upon the fallen Mark Driscoll because it's not clear as yet Driscoll had anything to do with the sale of the list.  What WOULD be interesting is to establish who sold the list and who made the list available.  That's the thing that seems murky.

Compared to the pre-emptive attack Mark Driscoll did in 2012 on Justin Brierley with "A Blog Post for the Brits" Craig Gross's awkward spam this week seems nearly dignified and definitely restrained.

While Wenatchee The Hatchet had guessed the list could have been from Resurgence assets it's not even clear that that's the case.  Was the list culled from Resurgence Publishing Inc resources or from Mars Hill Church resources?


NickW said...

The biggest issue for me getting this email, is that between the title of the email, the first paragraph and the confusion about how I got on that list, it really seemed like Gross was implying, at least in the beginning of the email, that Mark fell due to sexual sin. It was a cheap tactic.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

It did seem pretty tacky.

Then again, how Driscoll spring-boarded from the Ted Haggard scandal into his advice on how to avoid sexual sin and his aside about wives who let themselves go back in 2006. Tacky as Gross's spiel was, it's hard to forget that Driscoll had a career of stuff that could be construed as scandalizing clickbait. effeminate anatomically male worship leaders ...

NickW said...

I don't disagree, but not everything has to come back to a Mark Driscoll example. This, on it's own, is quite tacky.

Anonymous said...

As a former Mark Discoll fan, and now current atheist, I just didn't appreciate having an open wound picked on so that some douche can sell his product. "The Real Story" turned out to be nothing we didn't already know. And the supper cheap implication that it was sexual in nature, only to find out it had nothing to do with it...was frustrating. People shouldn't be compared to Mark, they should be better than him or at least learn from his mistakes.