Sunday, March 15, 2015

checks and balances, trade-offs and liberties--CPS finds "free range" parents responsible for "neglect" for letting kids walk home unescorted

CPS Finds “Free Range” Parents Responsible for Unsubstantiated Child Neglect. Now What?

Hanna Rosin's piece from March 2, 2015 has had me wondering whether in a post sexual revolutionary age we're possibly witnessing some kind of trade-off.  We're more free to opt to have a sexual relationship of whatever kind most meets our respective needs but it sometimes seems as though there's a flip-side, that we live in an era in which the expectations surrounding proper parenting become more heated and less forgiving.  Mockingbird has many a post on the Law and parenting or lifestyle, whether helicopter parenting of the purity codes of food consumption.

As a single person it sometimes seems as though the options for who you may pair up with are more wide-ranging in the internet age than ever before but the socially acceptable options for how you actually live paired-up life, let alone raise any resultant children, seem more hotly contested and with a more restricted menu than before.  If CPS can decide in one state to do a "write up" for parents who let their kids do what anyone would have thought virtually nothing of thirty years ago it's hard not to wonder if the trade-off for sexual liberty in a culture comes with a price tag, that the culture takes more initiative to formally and informally dictate the methodologies of child-rearing.  It's as though some kind of "balance" between individual liberty and social restriction, some kind of meta-cultural equilibrium is being sought.  Or people are just weird.

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