Sunday, March 15, 2015

Atlantic Monthly: "The Downfall of For-profit Colleges"

A bit on the older side, obviously, but thematically interesting because for those familiar with more of the deep background of Mars Hill a for-profit college figured in as something founded by a one-time member of the MH BOAA, namely Jon Phelps, founder of Full Sail University, a for-profit college.  Whether Phelps is still associated with the Mars Hill Board of Advisors and Accountability and whether that organization still exists in the face of the expiration of the corporation known as Mars Hill scheduled for the end of this calendar is not, as yet, confirmed.

For posts in the past that mention Phelps, here's an example:

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Phelps' most notable role in the history of Mars Hill, besides being reportedly a significant donor, would have been as co-creator of what Mark Driscoll referred to as "Reverse-engineering your life".  Of that enough has been said to not bore you with details already discussed.


Foosh said...
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Foosh said...

There's some interesting history with Phelps and a destination recording studio just outside the small town of Ferndale, CA once called the Sonic Temple. Part of DC3 Entertainment. They actually signed a guy named Anthony Skinner who eventually had a falling out with then before his album released. The studio was flipping incredible but now I'm not sure it even exists.