Monday, March 23, 2015

and more updates via Throckmorton--Justin Dean may have had some role in the commendation of the list sale?

Throckmorton has an update.

UPDATE: It appears that the website used to purchase the list is now down and went down after Craig Gross pointed out where he got the list. I have a screen cap of it and it still exists on Google’s cache. The website does not identify the mailing list as being The Resurgence’s list. It seems Craig Gross didn’t know what he was getting into when he purchased the list at the recommendation of Justin Dean. I am wondering how Church Leaders List (which is now gone from Twitter — see the cache — and the web) got the emails.

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And the twitter evidence at hand .. courtesy of Throckmorton's coverage
This site has now be taken down but here's proof

So it seems Justin Dean had some kind of role at the moment.  Justin Dean, as yet, has not clarified which conversation was alleged to have been invented and published by The Stranger staff so it looks like there's a couple of extra things Justin Dean's name is attached to that could use some explaining.

Best guess about the content of the list is that it had a Resurgence Publishing Inc. connection and that a for-profit company selling a list of names is not unusual in itself. 

This also leads a person to wonder who Gross meant by "right hand man" now.  In internal Mars Hill understanding "right hand man" would have seem to have referenced Sutton Turner and not Justin Dean.  This seems a bit murky and perhaps things can be cleared up. 


Unknown said...

Jeremiah, I wanted you to know that I had zero to do with any of this email list situation.
Your blog above suggests that I did, but I had absolutely nothing to do with any of this.
I would appreciate if you could correct that please.
Sutton Turner

Becky said...

There seems to be some confusion regarding the alleged deleting of comments. I have not observed Wenatche the Hatchet deleting any comments made on his blog, which is why his blog is such an excellet resource regarding the history of the rise and fall of Mars Hill Church.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

thanks for coming by, Sutton Turner. Clarification and corrections in subsequent posts.