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a short update on John Catanzaro--"not currently practicing but is on site as a nutritional counselor and patient advocate"

Last year readers may recall that naturopath John Catanzaro, who was at one time Mark Driscoll's naturopath, had his license suspended.

a press release late last year clarified that he would have his license suspended until at least the end of January 2015.  He's to be on probation for eight years when his license is reinstated. Catanzaro reached a settlement over the suspension.

In a peculiar irony the press release about the license suspension came out the same month Mark Driscoll was featured in Christianity Today in the Leadership Journal section discussing health and health care for pastors. By Driscoll's account:
... First I went to a conventional doctor, who told me I needed blood pressure meds, heartburn medicine, sleep medicine, anxiety medicine. I'm like, Man, I'm in my 30s. That's a lot of medicine! So I went and found a naturopathic doctor, who said, "You need to quit your job and find a different vocation."
I said, "Well, Jesus said to do this, so that's not really an option." So I found another naturopathic doctor. He gave me supplements, vitamins, minerals, IV treatments for adrenal support, and custom tailored vitamins. He put me on a regimen for wellness and recovery. His approach was to naturally rebuild the body, to not just treat the symptoms. He told me, "You've got to work really hard to change your lifestyle and your organization, everything."

As previously noted, the irony was that while by Mark Driscoll's account he didn't want to be taking a ton of pills, when in the 2008 spiritual warfare session he described his routines he mentioned taking something like 25 vitamin supplements a day.
Spiritual Warfare
February 5, 2008
Pastor Mark Driscoll
Part 4 Q&A

I'll tell you what this looks like for me. My doctor is trained in naturopath and traditional medicine in Eastern and Western. He loves Jesus. I mean I go in for IV treatments. Just for additional vitamins and minerals and supplements I take 25 vitamins a day. [emphasis added]

But not everyone seems to be on board with the idea that dozens of vitamin and mineral supplements taken daily necessarily helps.

Meanwhile, for those who don't want to read that piece or read it already, there's another peculiar irony:
I've seen so many young guys go up fast and come down hard. Some years Rick Warren invited me down to California. I had dinner with a couple of other young leaders and pastor Rick, and I said, "Okay. So like why am I here? Did I do something wrong? Usually I get called into meetings when I've said something wrong." Rick said, "No, you didn't do anything wrong. Years ago I put together a list of young up-and-coming evangelical pastors, and I prayed for them. And every time a guy disqualifies himself or quits or whatever, I cross his name off the list." And he said, "More than half the list is gone, but you guys are still on the list. So I wanted to see how you are doing." Sometimes I think ministry is like MMA. If you're just still standing at the end, there's a good chance you're the winner. [emphasis added]

Within the calendar year Mark Driscoll had resigned,

At the moment Driscoll isn't confirmed as a pastor of or a member in a church, and has not been in the media much since he resigned from being preaching pastor at Mars Hill late last year. 

And a year later, it looks like Mark Driscoll's former naturopath is not yet back into formally licensed medical practice.

**Dr. John is not currently practicing but is on site as a nutritional counselor and patient advocate. If you need a prayer for your health, he is here for you so come on in and pray with Dr. John.**

While the article from January 2014 was titled "The Survivor" this year, for the moment, neither Mark Driscoll nor John Catanzaro are currently in their respectively documented careers for now.  This doesn't mean we may not see either or both of them return to preaching and naturopathy within the calendar year.  That remains to be seen.

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