Thursday, February 19, 2015

a few links here and there

Sometimes anecdotal accounts aren't enough.  Perhaps it should be said that some people just had to know what the deal is about ... "Why men always think women are flirting with them".

Over at Slate Ruth Graham has a piece about how it kinda looks like the people most against vaccination seem to be the moms but that it's a bit awkward within the sisterhood to point out that it's often the moms rather than the dads who don't want vaccinations for their kids.  If enough people opt out under the surmise that everyone else will get the kids vaccinated to the degree where herd immunity kicks in it ain't necessarily so.

In a thematically related boundary between the is and the ought ...

We want to believe that she really is like that, all around—talented, beautiful, classy, successful, in love—because if Beyoncé can have it all in the way she has opted to have it all, perhaps there is a sliver of hope for the rest of us.

We do?  Beyoncé can certainly have her career, and Kanye can certainly keep wishing she'd get recognized for what she's done in ways that may not happen, but the question of why a Beyoncé hasn't gotten the recognition Kanye says she deserves while other corporate amalgamations such as, say, The Beatles, do ... that might be a blog post for someone else to write.  Wenatchee tends to think of the Beatles primarily as a boy band that transcended the limitations and horizons of their initial idiom. 

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