Saturday, January 03, 2015

HT Becky Garrison: as of formal dissolution Dave Bruskas president of Mars Hill Church, Caleb Walters secretary

Wenatchee The Hatchet has wondered who would take over the presidential and secretarial roles since Sutton Turner resigned in September 2014 and Driscoll resigned in October 2014.  Somebody had to fill the officer roles.  Bruskas seemed like a simple substitution for Driscoll for presidency but who would be secretary?  Since the bylaws did not seem to require that the secretary actually be an executive elder it wasn't clear who might fill the role or why.  But Garrison has found out who filled the role and it turns out it's someone Wenatchee The Hatchet spotted having been added to the Mars Hill team a while back, Caleb Walters, who is lately listed as Director of Development for the lately dissolved Mars Hill Church.

While Turner resigned in September, he could still be found as having had a membership and some kind of activity on The City in the following month, as discussed briefly at this post:

While Bruskas is reportedly returning to New Mexico to resume participating in things going on there, Bruskas is still listed as a member of the corporation that was known as Mars Hill Church. 

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