Thursday, January 01, 2015

and so we come to 2015 ... a little word of appreciation to Canadian bloggers

specifically, Wenatchee The Hatchet wants to say a few words of appreciation to the folks at City of God (Dan, Keith, Andrew, though haven't interacted with Ian just yet).  Wenatchee can't help but mention Bill Kinnon, too, even if he's not technically directly writing for the blog.  Being an American evangelical sort has some advantages but a disadvantage can be the unique types of tunnel vision that can come with being accustomed to United States conventions of discourse.  That's why if Dan over at City of God provides a frame of reference for an AJ Hamilton spiel about changed lives of men as a conservative social gospel it serves a useful purpose, overturning the worn out usual understanding of "social gospel" as an essentially mainline and old left understanding of a religious impulse in north American Christianity.  Make no mistake, as a former member of Mars Hill it would be very accurate to say that the vision Driscoll and others had took on a Social Gospel component but one that could not readily be identified with the left of any kind.

There could be any number of things written beyond this but Wenatchee The Hatchet appreciates that Bill and the folks at City of God have written the stuff they've written.  American Christians can be so caught up in the surface disputes about this or that concrete set of debates about particular doctrines that an underlying discussion of (or challenge to) the underlying and assumed cultural ethos can get overlooked.  It's possible for American Protestants to grow up so steeped in premillennial futurist/dispensationalism that they are completely incapable of understanding how ahistoric and aberrant that doctrinal position is within Protestantism prior to the rise of Darbyism. 

But let's try to keep things as short and sweet as possible here.  :)

Thanks to Dan, Keith, Andrew, Ian, and Bill for what they've written from Wenatchee The Hatchet.  Looking forward to reading more stuff from each and all of you in 2015. 

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