Thursday, January 08, 2015

a drift (back) toward music stuff and toons ... still pending

It's going to happen, eventually.  Got a couple of analytic discussions in mind of the sort that have been alluded to but not published just yet.  Maybe half a dozen of you know the stuff about the evolution of sonata forms in solo guitar literature, that stuff is going to come back up again. 

But 2014 was a busy year for Wenatchee The Hatchet, 688 posts.  It didn't feel like a whole lot of writing activity at the time but there's some saying about how things can seem one way but be another, right? 

Well, though Wenatchee The Hatchet would not say "I'm done" (if for no other reason than because too many people who have said "I'm done" with that stuff not only haven't been done but have more stuff they're saying since they said they were "done") about the usual suspect topics, there's also that old axiom "To everything there is a ... ." 

And while there was a time for documenting the history of a certain organization and its brand there are other things in life, even for a blog that seems to be recognized almost entirely (if inaccurately) as something like a watchblog.  Fear not, readers, a discussion of Matiegka's grand sonatas is still going to happen.  It just takes time to do musical analysis and finding suitable ways to explain the evolution of sonata form in solo guitar literature but Grand Sonata 1 is on the to-get-to- list for blog posts. 

And Diabelli's F major solo sonata, too, perhaps.

And cartoons ... been watching Legend of Korra and Archer lately.  One of the cartoons works better than the other and even if you aren't familiar with Wenatchee The Hatchet on the subject of cartoons you probably don't have to guess too much which cartoon WtH is likely to think has worked out more effectively. 

But there's such a thing as taking breaks.

688 posts ... it didn't seem like much blogging at the time, really ... at least not until transcribing that astonishing morass from 2008 got started.

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