Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 in review, the most visited/viewed posts at the blog, prefaced by the ones probably very few read that WtH happens to like

this would be the top ten viewed posts overall but many of them were published in 2014.  Unsurprisingly the posts all tend to cluster around a common theme.  Obviously the top-read post was never going to be "an overview of structural concerns in the sonata forms of Sor, Giuliani, and Diabelli " or "self-discovery and social identity in Pixar films and the nature of art, musings on Ratatouille".  Still less would people read one of Wenatchee The Hatchet's favorite posts, "James Cameron's Avatar as a work of science fiction ... "

Nope, obviously the top ten posts had everything to do with things connected to Mark Driscoll and the history of Mars Hill. 

1. Sutton Turner memo recommended raise for Driscoll for FY2013 to 650k salary, retain 200k housing allowance for CY2013

2. The historical and social setting for Mark Driscoll's development of William Wallace II as a pen name, a kind of postlude/preface to "Pussified Nation"

3. Mars Hills in California 2011-2012, kerfuffles about trademarks and evictions

4. Apparently Mark Driscoll now says of Mars Hill "We're not a wealthy church".

5. Real Marriage in January 2012 and William Wallace II's "Using Your Penis" from January 2001--comparing talking points and positions

6. a quick survey of the situation, WtH guesses Matt Rogers "might" shift from BoO to EE to fill one of the two vacancies in the EE. Any other guesses?

7. revisiting Sutton Turner's September 18, 2012 Resurgence post, "How to Leave Well"

8. Announcement from Mark Driscoll that Bill Clem is resigning leadership of Mars Hill Ballard, Alex Early replacing him.

9. in wake of closure announcement BoAA/BoO member Matt Rogers has already registered Bellevue Church

10. follow up on a comment mentioning the BAJI group guys and Mars Hill--names and roles

Since Wenatchee The Hatchet has tried to preserve and discuss signal events and content associated with Mars Hill over the years it's fine if this blog continues to be a repository for that stuff.  The blog by now probably contains more than enough material to constitute a multi-volume history of the life and times of Mark Driscoll and of Mars Hill's growth and decline.  Wenatchee The Hatchet can't claim that things are "done" and that it's time to "move on".  If anything too many decided to "move on" when they could have shared what they saw and heard so that reforms could have been possible.  That said, it's not like this blog is obliged to discuss things Martian and it's been kind of nice to see the traffic plummet as the news cycle temporarily consigns Mark Driscoll to the dustbin of "lessons learned", even if Wenatchee The Hatchet believes most of the alleged lessons learned were ones authors were going to spout on about regardless of whether Driscoll resigned anyway.  Let this be Wenatchee's word of caution to all authors of and readers of "lessons learned from Mars Hill", if the lessons you have to lay on people exonerate you or prove you were right all along then you probably learned nothing.  If the lessons you learned caused you to have remorse about how you treated and talked to other people, welcome to the club.

This year, however, Wenatchee hopes things can start being a whole lot less about Martian chronicles and more about music and cartoons.  Some of the more famous topics may still crop up here and there.  After all, Wenatchee was thinking everything had been said and done about Mars Hill and Driscoll by the start of 2012 and yet by early 2012 .... things happened.  If there was anything Driscoll and Mars Hill established it was that just when Wenatchee imagined things ought to have been winding down things blew up.  So there's no promises that anything will ever be "done".  There's people here and there who say "I'm done with this" and then go on and on about stuff afterward.  It's more prudent to make no promises to yourself or others that things are "done".  :)

There may yet be an emergence of a tag cloud of some kind here for those who would like to be able to review the mountain range of materials discussing campus histories and real estate acquisitions and leadership appointments and all that ... but there's such a thing as taking a little time off here and there from the expected topics.  It may prove easier to start retroactively tagging and organizing some of the old material for consultation than to try to add new stuff.  There's probably a multi-volume set of books worth of material about Mars Hill preserved at this blog.  It is, alas, admittedly not in anything close to a user-friendly format. 

Still ... as far as getting the blog back to classical guitar and cartoons Wenatchee can give it the old college try.

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