Saturday, January 03, 2015

2-5-2008 spiritual warfare Part 3 part 5 commentary 3 a historical question of which "Pastor Tim" at Mars Hill had done demonic trials by February 2008

Number eleven--part of this, too, is I'll say this, don't try this on your own. I've done this. Pastor Tim has done this. You don't just grab this sheet of paper and do this. If a counseling issue comes up like this there are a handful of elders who've done this. We may be involved, you can observe first time along. Watch. Learn. See. Don't just start doing this. I'm not giving anyone permission to just do this like, "Cool.  I gotta sheet of paper. Let's go ghostbusting." No [laughter from the audience]. The lies, the accusations, the vain regrets, the ordinary demonic, the temptation, the world, the flesh, all of that [is] normal biblical counseling. That's just using the Gospel. When it gets into having a full trial dealing with demons, speaking to them, make sure you get more than just this lecture.

Now if memory serves in February 2008 there were at least the following guys who could have been colloquially identified as "Pastor Tim"

Tim Smith
Tim Gaydos
Tim Beltz
Tim Quiring

Driscoll never explained which "Pastor Tim" it was but the take away might simply be that the kind of demon trial/inventory Driscoll had been recounting in Part Three of spiritual warfare was something that had already been done by others in ministry at Mars Hill even before February 2008.

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