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2-5-2008 spiritual warfare Part 3 part 4 commentary 4, "sex, drugs, alcohol, you know ... " which drugs, exactly? LSD yes? Because if caffeine's on the list of gateway-to-demon drugs pastors across America are in bad shape

And I have them repeat after me: If there are any demons working in me in the area of (whatever it is--sex, drugs, alcohol, you know, night terrors, clairvoyance, visions, pedophilia, whatever it is, witchcraft, whatever) we bind all of you together, along with all your work and effects and command you to come forward.
Driscoll telegraphed in a few places in the spiritual warfare session that drugs can open up a different level of consciousness that opens people up to demonic influence ... but if alcohol does the same thing in some cases ... there's something Driscoll didn't touch on that may be a practical consideration.  Did Driscoll mean "illegal drugs" because pot's legal in Seattle, isn't it?  It smelled like the dawn of a new era in the Emerald City in the first two weeks after that change. 

Or did Driscoll refer to drugs that alter the state of the mind in some LSD tripping some kind of way?  After all, at some point wouldn't ALL drugs impact the brain? 

Now here's where we get really, really practical discussing a drug that probably a whole legion of pastors use on a daily basis.


Somehow it seems likely Driscoll was never going to mention caffeine addiction or caffeine abuse as something that could open up a demonic floodgate cuz, dude, how many times did Mark Driscoll name-drop Red Bull from the pulpit in his 18 years as a pastor?  He could have gotten an endorsement deal going with them. 

Over the years when Driscoll lamented his roller coaster health it seemed as though over-reliance on caffeine was one of his besetting troubles.  It would seem virtually a given among pastors in America that caffeine addiction wouldn't be considered some kind of sin issue.

Or at least that would seem like a possibility except that Wenatchee The Hatchet vaguely remembers a Pentecostal youth pastor explaining in a Wednesday night sermon that he felt God had been convicting him lately (this was at least twenty years ago) that he was actually addicted to caffeine and mentioned that even among pastors there are things that can be easily condemned, like alcohol abuse or dependency, by men in ministry who may not realize that their dependence on caffeine could still be a bad thing, too.  So in a Holiness tradition there might be some more sensitivity to the possible abuse of caffeine but that's kind of an aside. 

It would seem like an obvious point that a pastor talking to a bunch of pastors about how drugs can open you up to demonic influence probably would lean hard on the implication of LSD, marijuana, cocaine, opiates and so on and maybe throw in demon rum for old time's sake (and warnings against alcohol abuse are in Proverbs, obviously) while tip-toeing ever so gently around the subject of caffeine. 

And just to show that caffeine addiction is something that was observed centuries ago ... Bach's Coffee Cantata. 

Dad has figured out his daughter is "probably" a caffeine junkie.

coffee ... lovelier than a thousand kisses, right?  For Driscoll it was apparently Red Bull.


And here it's a century since ... Prohibition was put in place.  Here's a little article that may possibly be of interest.

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