Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Throckmorton: Dave Bruskas on Mark Driscoll's resignation: “I Don’t Think That Was The Most Redemptive Outcome”


As it's been reported Bruskas is rejoining the Albuquerque branch as it rebrands itself ...


And Albuquerque was the first non-Washington state site


per Throckmorton's recent post, Bruskas is credited as saying the following:

Pastor Mark, I really would hope that our future would have been through the examination process that of a restored Pastor Mark leading his church to a healthy place but I’m sorry that that didn’t happen.  I know Jesus is going to work redemptively into the future but I think  that’s something we all wanted right? We always want the most redemptive  outcome, and I don’t think that was the most redemptive outcome but I trust that Jesus is going to do incredible things and I know that men come and go and church names change. Jesus loves His church and Jesus is absolutely about His mission and there comes a point in time where we say, ‘let’s put away the past and move forward because Jesus moves forward.’

Bruskas reported had an intermediary role in the wake of the 2012 Call for Reconciliation


The degree to which men like Bruskas met with whomever filled out the Wufoo and discussed concerns about leadership back in 2012 could be the extent to which Bruskas could be considered either well-informed by or well-insulated against concerns that have been raised over the years about the direction of leadership taken by MH in general and by Mark Driscoll in particular. 

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