Tuesday, December 23, 2014

MarkDriscoll.org goes up ... but as yet there's no formal statement WtH can see that this was in any way Mark Driscoll's idea


It kind of looks like an agglomeration of Mars Hill stuff that already exists, so far. 


Welcome to the new MarkDriscoll.org.
This website was built in response to requests from people wanting access to Pastor Mark Driscoll’s past and future Bible teaching. This is the only official resource from Pastor Mark Driscoll, and will soon be the exclusive home for content from Pastor Mark and his family.

Our prayer is that these resources will help non-Christians meet Jesus and help Christians become more like Jesus - because as Pastor Mark says, “It’s all about Jesus!”

We appreciate your prayers and patience as we continue to build this site as a useful resource for you. There is a lot of work to be completed as we transition Pastor Mark’s past sermon archives over to this new online home. This work includes hosting content in various formats (audio, video, transcribed, translated).

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In conjunction with the holiday season, we are offering a free new resource that we hope is helpful for your walk with Jesus. The Christmas themed e-book, The Boy Who Is Lord: Jesus’ Birth in Luke’s Gospel, is adapted from Pastor Mark’s sermon series through Luke. You can download it today for free.

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Thank you for your love and prayers for Pastor Mark and his family, as they grieve a transition from people they love and seek the Lord for their next ministry season. Stay tuned to MarkDriscoll.org for more.

So does this mean the website has the formal blessing and initiative of Mark Driscoll or is it the creation of some fans who may not have heard whether or where Mark Driscoll is going to continue in formal ministry yet?  Will the website feature the content from the 2008 spiritual warfare series or all the preaching material from Peasant Princess? 

If this was genuinely a website set up at the initiative of Mark Driscoll it would include a whole lot more of his sermons, wouldn't it?  I mean, if Driscoll retained control of his intellectual property and was definitely behind this site wouldn't we expect a vast majority of previously purged sermon material to reappear?  Or have there been questions in the wake of the plagiarism controversy as to whether or not even sermon series from Driscoll may have had instances of alleged plagiarism?  It was starting to look as though Mefferd and Throckmorton found a lot of citation errors in books but the question of the degree to which Driscoll's preaching may have leaned on the works of others was not necessarily broached.  In a few cases the rather obvious intellectual debt to John Stott came up from the pulpit, as with the 2005 Christ on the Cross series.  Since that set of sermons became the book Death By Love ... one would expect to have seen that material on markdriscoll.org, too.

Perhaps Driscoll can tweet or instagram to clarify that this whole recently emerged website is in any way his idea.

And while we're at it ... since some of the formerly vaguely exclusive leadership coaching material has been made open access ...


If Driscoll's let material get reissued without the former restrictions of subscription and has stuff about how you need to be under authority before you're in it ... can Mark Driscoll answer the question of whose authority he's under since he resigned his membership at Mars Hill and left eldership in the wake of the restoration plan that was allegedly being proposed by the Mars Hill Board of Elders?  Has Mars Hill's Board of Advisors and Accountability, authorized to sell real estate in the event of a financial crisis of the sort that the dissolving Mars Hill may have been dealing with,  granted formal permission for these things?  Or does that matter if after all this time the intellectual property of Mark Driscoll (such as it is) was generally always or only owned by Driscoll?


C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

Mark is talking about himself again in this free book:
****start quote:
"The expenses for Luke’s travels had to have been immense. Any researcher can attest to the costs involved with a lengthy project that includes travel, housing, and possibly support staff for weeks or months or more, possibly years. How did Luke pay for all of these costs? Theophilus was the man who underwrote Luke’s investigation and thereby paid for his travel, salary, and expenses. He is mentioned at the beginning of both Luke and Acts, which was commonly done in that day to honor those who funded a project, much like the name of a generous donor often appears on a placard in a building in our day. Theophilus’ title “most excellent,” was used of nobility and likely indicates that he was a successful business and/or political leader. This title is also used for governors in Acts (for example, Felix and Festus in 23:26; 24:2; 26:25)."
end quote****

Who is Mark Driscoll's Theophilus?

C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

Here comes the pitch for guess what?

***start quote:
Give generously
Since Theophilus has a lot at stake, he hired Luke, a fellow Gentile—not a Jew who was looking for the Messiah, predisposed to some biased conclusion, but an educated and articulate man who has access to the apostles and other eyewitnesses. Theophilus commissions Luke to go find the truth and provide a full report. This would have been a very expensive project; Theophilus funded two books of the Bible. Two thousand years later, had it not been for Theophilus’ generosity, we would be lacking the largest contribution to the entire New Testament.
It’s very simple. Theophilus was a man who gave generously thereby enabling Luke to do his ministry. Rich people can love Jesus, and they’re supposed to give generously, and poor people can love Jesus, and they’re supposed to give generously. It’s not about how much you make; it’s about what you do with it. Theophilus decided to pay for Luke’s ministry. And we got two books of the Bible out of it.
end quote****

This is incredibly transparent. It would make for more captivating reading if he would disguise the subtext just a little bit rather than hitting us over the head with a baseball bat.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

good question C. Who that Theophilus may be would be interesting to learn, if there is one.

And Driscoll's had a long history of transforming any discussion of a biblical text or its background into a chance to discuss his life and times for about the last seven years. That's not likely to change any time soon. Some folks do subtext, some folks do text, some folks want title cards and perhaps we could say Driscoll caters to the last group more than groups 2 or 1.