Saturday, December 13, 2014

another wee hiatus (obviously)

the warfare session is only about halfway transcribed, though the gist of it as a political manifesto on the part of Mark Driscoll doesn't seem hugely difficult to establish given what Driscoll said about doubts about the love of the executive eldership for the church being a demonic lie directly said. 

Still, the demon trial section hasn't been transcribed yet and the shift from "ordinary demonic" to "extraordinary demonic" has yet to get discussed and it bears some discussion if only to show how the two categories can functionally collapse in application.

And that Driscoll states categorically he believed even Christians could be demonized to some degree warrants discussion for the record. 

However, there's such a thing as having a social life and writing about other things.  There will be posts here and there but if the trajectory of the corporation dissolution stays on course (regardless of any potential/pending suits) 2014 may wrap up the stage of documenting the history of MH at the pace that has been established at this blog.  The blog was never planned to be a "watchblog" and it technically isn't one.  Here's looking forward to boring nearly everyone who doesn't play classical guitar with discussions on the evolution of sonata forms in early 19th century solo guitar literature some time in 2015.  And there's intended to be a blog series on the guitar sonatas of Ferdinand Rebay. 

And it's not as though WtH has planned to stop writing about animation, either.

But as you've probably seen this year if you're a regular reader, a lot of ... stuff ... has happened this year. WtH isn't one to attempt predictions without some substantial amount of evidence and tends to be cautious.  The only outright prediction WtH can recall making with respect to MH this year was calling that campuses would be shut down and then proposing which campus closures were most likely in light of reported financials. 

But, anyway, there's such a thing as having a social life and the warfare series is remarkably long. 


C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

I have set aside my research on spiritual warfare in specifically related to exorcism in the New Testament, having substantiated for my purpose that Mark D has just absorbed a whole way of looking at it that is less biblical than it is pop-culture (This Present Darkness, Frank Peretti etc ). I noted the third lecture that MD doesn't want to deliver people who are not already "saved" which is directly counter to Jesus practice and also Paul's.

Gotta a music question you might know the answer to. Who taught classical guitar in the U-district in the early 1980s who was a Segovia award winner? I can’t pull up his name, been 30 years since I met him.

I had neighbor who was studying classical with this man. We took a trip over to Ellensburg to hear him perform with the symphony. Ended up having dinner with the conductor before the concert and being invited to the after concert party with the guitar soloist, conductor and whomever. He preformed a very famous classical work for guitar and orchestra which was Spanish but I can't recall the work.

C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

The work performed was Concierto De Aranjuez

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

I had a hunch it was Aranjuez. :) Unfortunately I was too young and out-of-state to know much about WA classical guitar stuff in the 1980s. If we're talking the Seattle scene since about 1998 I'm a bit better.

CoffeeMatt said...

Unfortunately, the fact that someone played the Aranjuez also doesn't narrow things down at all either. At least, little more than the constraint, "their guitar was made of wood". :)

At some point I'd love some analysis on where Mark D's demon hunter ideas can be traced to. Peretti (whom I've met briefly and am still a fan of regardless) often has his name brought up, but I think folks like Derek Prince probably had far more influence on actual pastoral practice.

C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

"I think folks like Derek Prince probably had far more influence"

That is entirely possible. Peretti was suggested by a young guy I know who actually attended MHC for a while and has recently listened to the spiritual warfare lectures. Bob Larson's name also came up. There are many self proclaimed experts on this topic haunting cyberspace.

Clinton E. Arnold is cited by MD. However the stuff I have read by Arnold, exegetical monographs on Colossians and Ephesians are not the source of MD's "demon trials."

Doing source criticism on MD's spiritual warfare lectures would require reading a lot of popular literature much of which is of dubious quality.