Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2-5-2008 spiritual warfare Part 3 part 4 commentary 1, some observations about always sending demons to the pit, Jesus didn't.

When convicted there will be one-way traffic only from the demon to the pit. You're not gonna go bother anyone else at any time, especially those in the room and our families. You're not gonna enter another person, you're not gonna hassle other people. Worst thing you can do is cast a demon out and not send it to the pit. You cast a demon out it just goes to, I dunno, one of your kids. Somebody else.

Ironically, not only did Driscoll butcher the detail about how "Legion" was the name the demoniac gave to himself and not the name Jesus gave to one or any of the demons possessing the demonic, there's another problem. 

As you can read and hear for yourself, Driscoll advised that you always send demons to the pit because otherwise they go to someone else. 

Well, if that's so paramount you would think Jesus himself would have always done it, right?


Mark 5:1-20
Matthew 8:30-32

Look them up at your leisure. In neither account do the demons get sent to the pit but into pigs.  In the Markan account the demons beg that they not be sent out of the country (ESV)

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