Sunday, December 28, 2014

2-5-2008 spiritual warfare Part 3 part 3 commentary 3: Driscoll to pastors at MH "some of you, when you're counseling, you will see things". They could have Driscoll's discernment, too.

Some of you, when you're counseling, you will see things. You will literally get the discernment to see things. I can't even explain it. It doesn't happen all the time.

In light of the rest that Driscoll said about "i see things" for himself, the real powder keg in the history of Mars Hill over the last seven years would be what might have transpired when pastors who were under Mark Driscoll's spiritual authority extrapolated from Driscoll's own teaching on spiritual warfare that only did Driscoll have spiritual superpowers to discern the dirt on others but that they also had this divinely granted super-power as well. This might not play out in presuming something was amiss but in presuming something wasn't amiss that ultimately was. 

A couple of years ago, in the wake of the Andrew disciplinary situation making headlines, Wenatchee The Hatchet wrote this post:

While Ruth Graham and associated editors thought the blog post was critical of Mark Driscoll's leadership style they probably overlooked a couple of paragraphs:

You may find yourself in a position where a counseling pastor assumes the worst about you and your associates; gives advice that fractures relationship; and then when asked to simply explain the basis for his counsel stonewalls you.  You might discover that some vital piece of information that could have ameliorated a longstanding conflict was not brought to your attention because some pastors decided you just didn't need to know something that made all the difference in the world toward a reconciled relationship because it happened to come from some people who decided to leave the church. If they left the church that meant they were only after control. 

Then you might have to decide if you had to take the risk of going against that counsel and finding someone else to step in and help seek some reconciliation after a pastor or two have decided that's not on the table.  And if you do that, God willing, you'll find some of those folks have a change of heart and are sorry about the earlier advice and glad that reconciliation happened.  If you haven't figured out that I wasn't speaking hypothetically I might as well say I was not speaking hypothetically in this paragraph and the one before it.

All things considered, Wenatchee The Hatchet could have chosen to be less genteel and restrained in criticizing the competence and good will of Mars Hill "biblical counseling" than has actually been posted to this blog.

However, rather than attempt to dredge up the names of pastors who would go on to become notorious within Mars Hill circles for their hard-headed and ham-fisted counseling approach (which is why comments are closed already) it seemed more important to bring everything back to the spiritual warfare session from February 2008 in which Mark Driscoll told guys in leadership "some of you, when you're counseling, you will see things."