Friday, November 14, 2014

Throckmorton Source in MH Bellevue mentions negotiation to hire preaching pastor

While it may be a coincidence, there is some speculation around Bellevue that Mark Driscoll may be involved in the process of securing a preaching pastor. According to a trusted source, Driscoll was spotted at Bellevue yesterday with his assistant Frank Park.

Given how insular and inbred leadership has become within MH and its history of reluctance to hire outsiders, MH Bellevue turning into Bellevue Church under new incorporation and just bringing Driscoll back seems weirdly plausible and this despite the pile of scandals that have swirled around Driscoll and also despite a sensible alternative of never letting Driscoll return to ministry within Mars Hill having voluntarily resigned to pre-empt any disciplinary/restorative activity as a member of the church he co-founded.

"If" this is what the organization does then a full-scale financial embargo seems advisable, along with leaving.  And reincorporation under new branding will not eliminate the question of how much MH or MD paid DeMoss to advise Driscoll.

For a more general overview of campuses

Transcribing part 2 of warfare has naturally meant a bit less time for keeping tabs on the real estate which, fortunately, Throckmorton seems to be taking up the slack for.

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