Monday, November 03, 2014

Throckmorton: MH Tacoma aims to become independent--attenders should enquire of Jennings what he thinks of the Petry/Meyer firings while this transition is considered

Bubba Jennings was one of the executive elders at the time of the termination of Meyer and Petry.
Jennings would have been in a position to know what Munson's accusations were at the time as to why Meyer and Petry had to be terminated and why the terminations were "necessary and inevitable" and not political firings.

And Jennings is incapable of dodging the issue forever since the correspondence at Joyful Exiles indicates he was one of the people Petry contacted in the wake of the firing.

Now that EIT member Steve Tompkins has publicly expressed regret about the entire 2007 termination/trial process and, like others, cast doubt on its ethics and propriety, Bubba Jennings is not just facing down a financial situation that is delicate as MH Tacoma is offered a transition into independence, he faces a situation where in political historical terms Tacoma can't possibly be independent of Mars Hill political history without addressing what happened in 2007, not least because Jennings was one of the executive elders on whose behalf Jamie Munson formulated accusations against Meyer and Petry. 

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