Sunday, November 02, 2014

Throckmorton: MH Bellevue Thomas Hurst resigns

During the 10:30 am service this morning, lead pastor Thomas Hurst announced his resignation. It was announced that Hurst wanted a break from ministry saying that today was his last day as pastor. Hurst then told the congregation that he wanted to be the guy to lead the new Bellevue Church but that he is tired and just can’t do it. The Hursts don’t plan to leave the church as members but Thomas is going to step aside as pastor. Hurst said the church leadership is looking to find somebody to preach the Bible for the new church.

Whether Hurst will retain a directorship at the registered Bellevue Church, as mentioned ever so briefly over at this blog post, is not yet clear.

For those who may not realize how long Mars Hill Bellevue (for now) has been in "core phase" go over here.

Winkler planted The Vine and it was assimilated back into the Mars Hill fold where it was eventually run by Hurst but somewhere between Winkler and Hurst there may have been someone named ... Swan?  Bellevue has had some musical chairs in leadership.  The musical chairs weren't quite as shifting as Ballard's shift from 07 to 14 of Moi-Jennings-Clem-Early-Harris, but there was possibly some rotation going at Bellevue. Perhaps former or current attenders can clarify.


Hurst was a photojournalist before joining the leadership team at Mars Hill.  So Hurst, at least, has a professional skill set to fall back on if he leaves ministry temporarily or permanently.  This would seem like a logical and natural career to return to during Hurst's break from ministry.

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