Thursday, November 06, 2014

Throckmorton: Corban University looking for new non-Martian site to provide education for 18 students

Well, third time's a charm for dying a miserable and humiliating death when it comes to Mars Hill getting a school off the ground, even in the case of a partnership.  Capstone had three academic years mapped out but fizzled, possibly because once Mars Hill discovered its 50th street building was a boondoggle with respect to Driscoll's vision-casting in his 2006 book the school wasn't a priority any longer.  So Capstone died without even a whimper and around 2009 Driscoll announced that Mars Hill Global was part of a big fundraising push to get the Resurgence Training Center up and running.

And Resurgence Training Center had all of one academic year that may or may not have lasted two calendar years and then it, too, withered on the vine.  So Mars Hill Schools was the third attempt to start a bible college/seminary on the part of Mars Hill. 

And now it's dead, too.  Corban is looking for an alternate location.

It can't be said too many times that Driscoll had always envisioned the movement he was starting up to start a school and a record label alongside planting churches.

And the evidence of its history shows that Mars Hill kept committing to starting a school even though at best it was a nascent denomination that had neither the financial nor infrastructural soundness to be undertaking such a project within the founding generation.  Driscoll and company apparently were determined that Mark Driscoll be able to see this stuff in his own lifetime.  Whereas David did not build the temple in his lifetime and left the foundational materials to his son, Driscoll seemed to want to be able to see everything for his envisioned legacy come together for him within his own lifetime.  Because, maybe, Mark Driscoll never took to heart the part in Hebrews 11 that said the heroes of the faith died having not seen what was promised ... .

And so now the odds of Mark Driscoll being part of a movement that founds an evangelical seminary in the Pacific Northwest seems even more remote in the wake of the plagiarism controversy, the Result Source controversy, his own resignation from the church he co-founded and the dissolution of the corporation known as Mars Hill Church.

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