Sunday, November 09, 2014

meanwhile, expect Huntington Beach to die and WA churches to try independence

Huntington Beach is all but certainly dead in the water.  Of the churches that could try to go independent its giving was so low earlier this year as to telegraph its death in advance. 

Olympia has been aiming to rebrand and whether it can succeed or not is slightly more open to question but for the scope of a rebrand of a Mars Hill style operation there's little evidence that the earlier or later leadership of Mars Hill Olympia has the fundraising acumen to keep that rebranded system afloat.  The ship may sink but we'll just have to see.

Throckmorton has noted Sammamish is in talks to merge with Bellevue

Why anyone would trek from Sammamish down to Bellevue as yet is unclear. 

And ...

It looks like it could be official that Huntington Beach is set to die. Considering the miserable footing it was on at its outset the former Mars Hill Orange County may never have had good survival odds.  It was subject to an eviction after having existed for, what, half a year as an official launch?
It would have been smarter to have never sought to launch down there but the basic competency and acumen of Mars Hill leadership now seems to be in question.  Driscoll made a habit of joking that a bunch of other guys were in charge of money so that he wouldn't spend the rest of his days doing prison ministry from the inside.  Well, Driscoll might want to lay aside that sort of joke forever ...

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Real World Worship said...

MH Sam merging with MH Bellevue seems like MHSam's staff trying to stay employed.