Saturday, November 15, 2014

in contrast to Pyromaniacs, give Mars Hill Was a shot for a survey of timelines and content

"Communication today is instant, constant, global, permanent."   

-Mark Driscoll

Of course, technically the corporation is still in existence and the brand, while seriously tarnished, may yet be sustained but in a new format.

On Wenatchee's end, serious consideration to going back and tagging old posts and eventually featuring a tag cloud has been on the waiting list of things to do.  There's a lot of material sitting around that if it could just get tagged for easier reference might make it easier to let people read about things while they were happening and before some things got scrubbed.

For instance, who has the actual content of the important announcements regarding Jamie Munson's resignation?  Does Munson even know that in the last year Mars Hill did such a sweeping scrub job it's almost as though Munson didn't exist except to those who already knew where to look for his content? 


Anonymous said...

Also worth mentioning that quote is Driscoll quoting Rick Warren.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

heh, that's pretty funny. Given that Mark Driscoll's "nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody" turned out to be a truncated variation of Denver Moore's catchphrase from the 1970s ... this is not too ironic anymore. It's starting to seem as though Driscoll's most memorable catchphrases have always been second-hand.