Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gerry Breshears does the Star Wars opening crawl synopsis of Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll.

Not much to say other than noting that it's out there.


C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

I don't see any reference here to the enablers. Mark Driscoll (MD) was launched into his celebrity status beginning with his appearance on James Dobson, followed a long list of luminaries who at least tolerated him; some gave him approval. When he MD was invited to “Desiring God” conference there was some dissent voiced over this decision. After MD gave his speech and went home, David Wells said “I am glad he is gone” (or something to that effect). At that point David Wells probably didn’t know that MD had devoured all of D. Well’s books and was quoting him (personal communication). Even though Michael Bird called MD a “stupid yank” he also put his stamp of approval on certain dubious modes of expression MD was using in his Christology. All along the way to super-stardom MD had big-name enablers who with a little discernment could have shut him down. It was left to Phil Johnson to sound the alarm and everyone (almost) turned on him.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Something about Breshears that might be worth asking about (again) is Death By Love. Breshears was credited as a co-author but in a Resurgence post from 2006 Mark Driscoll referred to how he was largely done writing a book called Death By Love

Breshears has never gotten much attention as the one, according to Mark Driscoll in the Doctrine series, found out that the Targum Neofiti predated the birth of Christ from which Driscoll claimed a Trinitarian defense from a pre-Christ strain of Judaism.

This notion, once it was observed by scholars ranging from Christian Brady to Scott Bailey to Robert Cargill, was pilloried as so idiotic that no one claiming such an idea could get a passing grade on their paper.

Driscoll was more famous for presenting the idea in the Doctrine sermon series and book, but the guy he credited with the discovery was Gerry Breshears.

There may well have been enablers for Driscoll at every step but what's striking these days is that Jon Phelps ended up on the Board of Overseers at Mars Hill.

It's difficult to establish even a ballpark figure for how much Phelps may have contributed to Mars Hill. His membership (and that of his wife) has not been in dispute as yet.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...