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2-5-2008 spiritual warfare Part 2 part 1 commentary 2: rebellion against godly authority is demonic, a dictum shared in the wake of the 2007 firings

False doctrine is a real issue.In our day this includes rebellion against authority. I mean think about it, in and of itself that is a demonic doctrine. Not saying that all authority is good, but I'm saying that godly authority is to be obeyed. Children are expected to disobey. Parents, in television shows they watch, encourage it. Women are expected, encouraged, to completely disrespect their husbands. People are encouraged to dishonor spiritual authority in the church. Even pastors and elders are sometimes encouraged to rebel against legitimate authority just do whatever the frick they want. All of it is just--do you say "Is that demonic?"--yeah, it is when you see false doctrine, disrespect for Scripture, dishonoring, disobeying of spiritual authority you know the Enemy's at work. He loves to work through false doctrine, he just does.
While taken as an abstraction this might seem straightforward from Mark Driscoll's February 5, 2008 session on spiritual warfare it is necessary to understand it in its broader historical context within Mars Hill as, if you will, a political culture.

You may not have read the following document, the 142-odd page published by Mars Hill with a foreward by Mark Driscoll available here:


And you may not have read the letter replicated over here.

Late 2007 was a period in which there was controversy over governance and terminations and it's important to bear in mind that within the February 5, 2008 session Driscoll explicitly condemned a "myth" that the executive elders didn't love the people at Mars Hill as "a demonic lie".  One of the key grounds upon which Meyer and Petry were terminated was their alleged lack of respect for spiritual authority. Should you wish to go read the primary source document, go here.

So for Driscoll to frame rebellion in general as demonic and as part of an ordinary demonic (or in the zone of it) can't be read or interpreted in some ahistorical vacuum.  These were words about spiritual authority that were said by Driscoll in the wake of a "season" in which about a thousand people left the church after discovering more about what the firings and trial involved and in the wake of revelations about how well the finances and real estate acquisition of 2005 had been handled. 

While there could conceivably be more to say about the first part of Part 2 there's material from part 2 to get to.

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