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2-5-2008 spiritual warfare Part 2 part 5: commentary--on the paradoxical possibility that Driscoll's denunciation of gossip exemplfied the same

There was little to say about part 4 of Part 2 on foolishness and drunkenness.  What might be worth noting about Mark Driscoll's discourse on gossip is that if we do the usual Christianese thing and consult a dictionary as to the meaning of gossip ...
casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true

Then couldn't virtually everything that was anecdotal in the 2008 session that wasn't explicitly referring to Driscoll himself and possibly his wife have paradoxically counted as ... gossip?

That to a large degree Mark Driscoll's lengthy history of using sob stories to gain sympathy for himself directly or through stories about his family has already been discussed, yet it's worth pointing out again because while Mark Driscoll condemned a range of emotional ploys as "female manipulation" they have historically and demonstrably been part of Mark Driscoll's own rhetorical/relational arsenal.

This could be yet another way in which Driscoll denounced a relational method in 2008 that has been inextricably woven into Mark Driscoll's public discussion of himself as a public figure, which arguably reached its zenith in print over here

and from the stage as reported here

But if these sorts of emotionally manipulative ploys were satanic when women did them has Mark Driscoll gained some kind of phallic reprieve from being found wanting in using similarly emotionally manipulative ploys?

What is worth noting is that Driscoll singled out Wendy Alsup is not being like or having any of the traits that the demonic gossip mama/drama queen women had. 

Something else to note about the formal charges leveled by former pastors is that if you were to boil them down to their most distilled essence they basically made a cumulative charge that Mark Driscoll was a bully ... and what seems to be an inferential case that he's a gossip.  So if gossip was something former MH elders concluded was a problem and Mark Driscoll declared that gossip was part of the ordinary demonic ... well ... it's another level at which Mark Driscoll's abstracted teaching on spiritual warfare could be seen as a possible self-indictment.  More and more it could appear that the way at least some former elders have described Mark Driscoll suggests that "slander" seems like gossip and if so, well, Mark Driscoll's bracketing of gossip into the ordinary demonic makes it seem as though there's yet another stupendous gap between the abstracted precept told to leaders and the implications such a precept would have if applied to Driscoll's own conduct and speech.

Some things could be observed about Mark Driscoll's approach to spurning overtures of friendship from women toward his wife but that would necessitate cross-referencing a few things from Real Marriage and Peasant Princess, which warrants a separate post.

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