Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2-5-2008 spiritual warfare Part 2 part 1 commentary 1: on heresies and Driscoll's track record of compromise and change with just T.D. Jakes

And false doctrine, usually, has verses, but it usually doesn't tell the whole truth. It tells part of the truth. I think one of the ways Satan loves to work in false doctrine is reductionism. It's not that you say something that's UNtrue, you just don't say everything that IS true. Prosperity theology is a great example of that. Some people love God in the Bible and they financially prosper. And they [prosperity teachers] read all those texts and say, "That's normative for everyone." The Bible also says there are people like Jesus who were really poor. [Prosperity teachers] conveniently overlook those texts. It is so common that people who are working for Satan actually know verses. Satan knows verses. He shows up in Genesis 3 and his attack is on God's word.  "Did God really say? ... " and he [Satan] changes, subtly--"Did God really say, `from ANY tree that is in the Garden?'" Well, God said you can't eat from ONE tree, the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So Satan CHANGES God's word and then Eve add to it. "No, God told us we can't eat any, we can't eat of the tree and we can't touch it." God didn't say that. She added to it. So is that a big deal?  Well, it is because Scripture is a sword, Hebrews and Ephesians tells us, and if Satan pulls the sword and we don't know how to wield it we're gonna get killed with our own sword. It's a battle theologically, spiritually, it's a battle between truth and error; between true teaching and false teaching; and Satan is, the Bible says, more crafty than any of the other things that God has made. The result is he's very subtle, he's very sly. He knows in a church and a people he's not going to lead people astray if he shows his proverbial hand so he'll misquote scripture, change scripture, interpret scripture, omit certain clear scriptures, and there are certain people who are always susceptible to that because they want to do what the world encourages them to do and they want to feed the desires of the flesh and if, somehow, they can make it seem biblical and Christian and godly  then they get to do so with what they consider to be permission and approval.

If you want to help people you've really got to know your Bible, and you've got to be theologically precise. Very theologically precise.

The first thing that should be said about this theme of Driscoll's on the precision necessary in assessing heresy is that this was what many Christians found wanting in his encounter with T. D. Jakes at Elephant Room 2.  If by "persons" what was meant by the Father, Son and Spirit were "manifestations" then Jakes could count as a Trinitarian but ... Driscoll bought that? 

And yet within the history of Mars Hill it could seem as though the hill to die on was not just the Trinity (or maybe even the Trinity, in the end) but complementarianism.  As one Carl Trueman observed a few years ago, when a group of evangelicals don't care about the administration or even the definition of the sacraments that were actually instituted and commanded by Christ but then turn around and make complementarianism a make-or-break deal the cart may have been put before the horse.  Or something like that.

And as with Mark Driscoll's own working definitions of masculinity one can ask whether he has erred over the years not in saying things that were UN-true but in not saying everything that IS true about men and women.  Even if Driscoll decided that Jakes was a true Trinitarian at Elephant Room 2 he did not challenge Jakes on whether he had also repudiated the word-faith heresy for which Driscoll explicitly and specifically condemned Jakes back in 2007. For that overview go over here.

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