Sunday, October 19, 2014

Throckmorton seems to have heard/seen the same thing BoE had restoration plan, MD was in sin, but MD cut the process short via resignation, official verification/dispute still pending

So apparently Throckmorton has heard the same things Wenatchee The Hatchet has heard about.  The BoE found a persistent pattern of sin in Driscoll; formulated a restoration/care plan; but the possibility of this restoration plan was cut short when Driscoll resigned.  Throckmorton quotes a statement that is reproduced below:  Since Wenatchee The Hatchet has seen/heard things to this effect it seems plausible but as yet no official confirmation of this or other statements from anyone at Mars Hill is possible just yet.
The investigation of formal charges against Mark Driscoll has revealed patterns of persistent sin in the three areas disclosed in the previous letter by the Board of Overseers. In I Tim 5:20, it requires that an elder be rebuked for persistent sin. Our intention was to do this while providing a plan for his eventual restoration to leadership. The Board of Elders in agreement with the Board of Overseers are grieved, deeply grieved, that any process like that was lost to us when Mark Driscoll resigned in position and left the church. Now is the time to move on and consider what God is calling us to next as a church as we participate in Jesus’ mission to make disciples in His name. Today begins a new chapter in the history of our church which has proceeded in one direction under one leadership for many years now.
Interesting as this statement is, and interesting as it is that this story seems to be getting confirmed from people who have been at services this morning, it's still not official confirmation.   We'll need access to the report of the BoE or a vetted summation of the report through some reliable source.  The journalistic paradox of vetting sources, though, is that on the one hand you need to vet sources in a way that establishes their veracity while knowing that the avenues and authorities by which such stories and claims could be vetted might not be entirely honest or forthcoming.  That's been one of the key problems in assessing nearly any statement made by the Mars Hill Board of Advisors & Accountability this year, actually.  Michael Van Skaik's account of Sutton Turner's time and plans within Mars Hill ministry doesn't seem to make any sense with what Driscoll told everyone via media and what Sutton Turner himself seemed to be saying or allowed to be said about him in the press right up to about the time of his resignation.

So, again, this all awaits some more confirmation but breaking news is kind of like that.

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