Tuesday, October 07, 2014

tweeted bromides on what forgiveness isn't courtesy of Rachel Held Evans and Mark Driscoll, a paradoxical agreement



Rachel Held Evans
unconditional forgiveness does not require unconditional toleration of abusive behavior. This shouldn't be controversial.

Jim West, as expected, disagreed. 

What's interesting about the RHE tweet is how thematically similar it is to this:
Forgiveness is not covering up sin committed against us. If a crime is committed, you can
forgive someone & still call the cops.
10:38 AM - 17 Jun 13

Fascinating, so on at least this particular theme MD and RHE might be on exactly the same page.  And West would likely say they're both tragically and insultingly wrong. 


chris e said...

I'm not sure these things are the same - though both are fairly trite.

I think there is a distinction between the consequences of breaking the first use of the law and the consequences of breaking the third use.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

well, I'd expect nothing less than for you to distinguish between first and third uses of the law, chris. :)