Thursday, October 09, 2014

Throckmorton blogs about the time when Mars Hill Church considered moving to California

I asked Mars Hill Church spokesman Justin Dean about the story, and whether or not Mars Hill still has property in CA. He replied:
Warren, thanks for your inquiry. We do not discuss salary and compensation details of any member of our staff. However I have also verified that we do not maintain any property or living quarters in the CA area for any staff, including Pastor Mark Driscoll.

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Where Mars Hill and Justin Dean do not discuss salary and compensation details of any member of staff and don't maintain any property or living quarters in the CA for any staff, there's a bit more asking that can be done about real estate in Washington state.  After all, just because some permit stuff was estimated at 85k doesn't mean that's how much it cost to remodel a certain house, does it?

Wenatchee The Hatchet does happen to have pdf docs of all the notable real estate purchases in King County associated in any way with MH or with Driscoll.  It wasn't too hard.  There were reports here and there that at one point Mark Driscoll was considering moving MH HQ and his family down to California but that this was met with some strong objections and that the plan, at one point considered, was set aside.  Whether that meant abandoned altogether or simply tabled is obviously not possible to not at this point since even the idea that the Driscolls would have rental space in California or would consider moving MH HQ to CA has had little by way of confirmation and longtime readers of Wenatchee The Hatchet may have some idea how reluctant WtH is to post without having some firm details.  WtH didn't start discussing the house in Snohomish county until two to four confirmations were established.

Anyway, things are not close to over on the matter of Mars Hill, Mark Driscoll and real estate acquisitions and renovations.  Some questions are still lingering about a few things.

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