Monday, October 27, 2014

Justin Dean has informed Throckmorton Mars Hill is not and will not file for bankruptcy protection

While people have been given reason to doubt the accuracy and timeliness of thing written by Justin Dean in the past if Mars Hill were to actually end up bankrupt that'd be a hard thing to quell.  There's no indication the BoAA has moved to authorize the dissolution of the corporation or that the corporation has or is filing for bankruptcy.  If Mars Hill can consolidate and redraft its entire infrastructure and culture maybe it can soldier on.  In Driscoll's taxonomy of the life cycle of organizations this would still probably get dubbed the death stage but if hints of admissions that Mars Hill's domineering/authoritarian culture brought about its troubles expand into full disclosure and a decentralization of governance ... well ... who knows? Given the conflicted messages from the BoO and the BoE in the weeks around Driscoll's resignation it seems nobody even inside the corporation known as Mars Hill Church is sure so we can hardly be certain about anything on the outside. 

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n_paul said...

Dean's "is not planning to" leaves the door open to them changing their mind on this tomorrow, or any time in the future (even if they are "not planning to file" today).