Thursday, October 23, 2014

Christian Post recycles Driscoll's anecdotes as given at the Gateway conference this week, states Driscoll "accused" of using Result Source ... after Driscoll himself admitted it was used?

... Driscoll went on to describe how his life has changed since the growing controversy surrounding his leadership style became public. The former Mars Hill pastor told the crowd that he has "cried a lot lately." ...

The plagiarism in at least half a dozen books as documented collectively by Janet Mefferd, Warren Throckmorton or Wenatchee The Hatchet isn't  a matter of leadership style but of leadership substance.  The controversy surrounding the mass layoffs/firings that erupted at Mars Hill with the general period of arrival of Sutton Turner was not even about Driscoll directly but included Driscoll.  Result Source ... we'll get to Result Source.  In the last year the Christian Post has begun to seem less and less like a journalistic outpost and more like a great way for a person with an old computer to land themselves a malicious toolkit bug. Wenatchee won't bore you with the details about that.

Christian Post article basically recapitulates what Driscoll said at the Gateway conference.  There doesn't seem to have been any attempt to vet any of the claims at all.  We'll get to some of those anecdotes but there's something that needs to be said.

Driscoll stepped down as pastor of the church he founded in 1996 after a number of troubles came to light over the summer, beginning with accusations of plagiarism. He was also accused of hiring a marketing company to ensure that Real Marriage, a book he co-authored with his wife Grace, made the New York Times best-seller list.

Uh, accused? 

The Board of Advisors & Accountability admitted the executive elders had Result Source rig the NYT list for Real Marriage.  Driscoll even directly addressed the controversy about Result Source and expressed remorse for having gone along with it in a letter that was originally posted to The City that was leaked to the publicWORLD Magazine broke the story back in March and Warren Throckmorton published the signed contract. For anyone at the Christian Post to claim that Mark Driscoll was simply "accused of hiring a marketing company to ensure that Real Marriage" after Mark Driscoll admitted that RSI was used; World Magazine confirmed it; Throckmorton published the contract with Turner's signature on it; and the BoAA admitted it was used and was technically not illegal forces Wenatchee The Hatchet to wonder what on earth the Christian Post thinks hasn't been confirmed by all the primary participants already. When the BoAA (which included all the executive elders involved in the controversies) justified the actions of Driscoll and Turner while admitting that the contract was used that's not ACCUSED of anything.  That's everyone admitting in their own words it happened!

That the Christian Post seems to have taken at face value that all incidents described by Mark Driscoll at the Gateway Conference doesn't look like fact-checking anything at all.
For an interesting cross section of reactions to the stories shared at Gateway

There's a local radio host who made a point of asking whether the rock-throwing incident happened and we'll turn to the results of that inquiry shortly.

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