Friday, September 19, 2014

So Sutton Turner resigns from executive eldership, opening up several crucial questions about governance and Resurgence Publishing Inc in the process.

In an admittedly somewhat surprising turn of events, Sutton Turner has resigned.  Warren Throckmorton has a blog post up about it and references the following Mars HIll link along the way


Dear Mars Hill,
Earlier this month Pastor Sutton Turner informed our board of his intention to resign from his current staff and elder position. His personal decision is a sober acknowledgement that it would not be financially feasible for him to stay on staff as the church rightsizes itself, and secondly, not emotionally prudent to subject his family to what has been an ongoing season of personal attacks. We want to be clear: there are no disqualifying factors related to his decision.

Sutton put it this way: “Since 2007, Pastor Mark has impacted my life in a significant way. I am thankful to call him my brother, my pastor, and my friend. When I came to Mars Hill in 2011, my plan was to be here for a year, get theologically trained, and focus on the adoption of my son before entering back into the business world. Three and a half years later, I have been able to serve a church that I love as a staff member, but it is now time that I transition off of staff and return to the business world.”

We believe one of the greatest legacies Sutton has established at Mars Hill is a passion for international church planting. He has lit a powerful fire for this at Mars Hill that will last, for what I hope, will be generations. Sutton’s tireless work in this area will have an eternal impact on hundreds of people who he may never meet, but one day in heaven will get to share the part he played in their story.

We, as a board, are very thankful and grateful for Sutton’s gifting, expertise, and commitment in leading and guiding our church operations in the role of executive pastor and executive elder. We fully support his decision and will as a board be assisting the staff leadership teams in the transition of day-to-day responsibilities with Sutton through September 30th. Please join me in praying for the Turners as they seek direction and the next assignment that God has for them.

Michael Van Skaik
Chairman, Board of Advisors and Accountability

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Not addressed in Van Skaik's announcement are several crucial and unavoidable questions.

If Sutton Turner has resigned who will be appointed to be the Secretary and Treasurer of the corporation known as Mars Hill Church?  Will these roles be filled by a single person as they were with Sutton Turner or will they be filled by separate persons? 
see the listing below:

Sutton Turner was also a director at the Mars Hill Foundation for Planting Churches

But, most crucially, Sutton Turner is the only person listed as a member or director or governing officer for Resurgence Publishing, Inc, the for-profit publishing company associated with Mars Hill Church historically.

UBI Number603207560
State Of IncorporationWA
WA Filing Date05/17/2012
Expiration Date05/31/2015
Inactive Date

Address1411 NW 50TH STREET

President,Secretary,Treasurer,Chairman TURNER , JOHN1411 NW 50TH STREET
SEATTLE , WA 98107

If Turner has been president, secretary, treasurer and chairman of Resurgence Publishing, Inc. does Turner's resignation from executive eldership mean a transition out of managing this company, too? In terms of who exercises control over material published by Mars Hill pastors past and present this is not a mundane set of details. 

So far it would appear that Turner's decision is of his own accord because if it weren't the Board of Advisors and Accountability and the Mars Hill Church executive elders would have some names in mind for the hand-off.  After all, when Jamie Munson resigned Driscoll announced a plan for Scott Thomas to take up an executive role as an interim while Munson's position/role was filled.  While Munson had been legal president Sutton Turner replacing Munson as "king" meant taking up the secretary and treasurer roles.

Quite a few questions emerge in connection to who had what role but those are best set aside for other posts.

The main questions here now that Turner's resignation is confirmed are
1.  Who will be the Treasurer of Mars Hill Church?
2.  Who will be the Secretary of Mars Hill Church?
3. Has Turner's resignation from Mars HIll Church executive eldership signaled a departure from managing Resurgence Publishing, Inc.?  Or will Turner retain governance/ownership of that company?

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