Monday, September 15, 2014

the list from the MHC leader response to the critical information letter and a subset, the Board of Elders (boe)
In Christ,
Your Lead Pastors and Board of Elders

Pastor Tim Birdwell
Pastor Ed Choi (Board of Elders)
Pastor David Fairchild
Pastor Aaron Gray (Board of Elders)
Pastor Bubba Jennings (Board of Elders)
Pastor Alex Ghioni (Board of Elders)
Pastor Matthias Haeusel
Pastor AJ Hamilton (Board of Elders)
Pastor Scott Harris
Pastor Drew Hensley
Pastor Thomas Hurst
Pastor Donovan Medina
Pastor Matt Rogers (Board of Elders)
Pastor Miles Rohde (Board of Elders)
Pastor Tim Smith (Board of Elders)
Pastor Matt Wallace
Pastor Ryan Williams
Pastor Seth Winterhalter

For the Board of Elders the list goes as:
Pastor Ed Choi
Pastor Aaron Gray
Pastor Bubba Jennings
Pastor Alex Ghioni
Pastor AJ Hamilton
Pastor Matt Rogers
Pastor Miles Rohde
Pastor Tim Smith

We might just have to provide a bit of historical overview for who these folks are.


Unknown said...

please do

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

there's a tagged series of posts up as of now