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recycled: Driscoll in December 2013 "Mars Hill, I am convinced, utterly convinced that we are poised for the biggest year we've ever had."

It is not going to be lost on readers of Wenatchee The Hatchet that Wenatchee has an eye for certain types of dramatic irony that leap across the line between "awkward" to "brutal". 

Take this observation from earlier this year
pointing out that the church Driscoll said had died because it didn't love Jesus enough got in the hands of Mars Hill, the U-District campus that will be closing its doors, that's a rather brutal irony.

Well, it's also not yet a year later and there's another irony to consider.  Back on January 17, 2014 Wenatchee published the following material.  We'll add a little color for sake of interest.

Malachi at MH, part 3: it may not be all about the numbers but ... Driscoll is convinced 2014 will be the biggest year ever

December 01, 2013

Mars Hill, I am convinced, utterly convinced that we are poised for the biggest year we’ve ever had. [emphasis added] And we’ve got some great leaders, and I’ve got a great honor today of sharing some of them with you. I want you to see who we’re talking about, and what they’re doing, and where they’re leading. We’ve pulled up their giving. They’re all giving, OK? They’re all serving, they’re all working, they’re all caring, they’re all trying. And you are helping them by giving generously and praying faithfully.

A man that convinced that 2014 will be the biggest year Mars Hill has ever had should start sending numbers to Outreach, right?
By Pastor Mark Driscoll
On September 12th, Outreach magazine will release its annual issue listing the 100 largest and fastest-growing churches in the nation. For the first time in a number of years, you won’t see Mars Hill Church listed.

... We will continue to count things at Mars Hill, such as how many people we have on Sundays, how many people are baptized every year, how many people are in Community Groups, how many elders we have to lovingly lead our people, how many people are giving financially, how many dollars we are bringing in and sending out, how many locations and services we have, etc. But, we will use that data internally for our church and not be publishing it much externally. [emphasis added]

Of course here at Wenatchee The Hatchet the little detail about
how the internal numbers attested to numeric decline has been discussed at some length in this blog post over here.  Internal numbers attested to a decline and the publicly available FY2013 annual report attested to a decline in attendance and a basically nominal rise in contracted members of just sixty people, and this despite adding 1,337 members.  It may be prudent from here on out to take whatever the average attendance is in an annual report and whittle the number down by one fifth that total to account for the potential counting of children.

But maybe the "biggest year" could refer to expenses and some kind of forthcoming capital campaign that they need a Capital Development Manager for. 

Well, 2014 may have been the biggest year Mars Hill Church has ever had for news coverage but probably not for attendance. How many of the people who were leaders in December 2013 at Mars Hill are still at Mars Hill today?

Pastor Mark Driscoll
Jan 31, 2012

... I’m more a prophet than a politician.

The more things come to light about Mark Driscoll and the leadership culture at Mars Hill the more difficult it is to escape the impression that Mark Driscoll is more a politician than a prophet so far as Wenatchee The Hatchet has seen.

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