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recycled: Malachi at MH, part 2: not counting but spotting the one out of sixty-four [if Mars Hill elders track who among them gives why not disclose Driscoll's salary?]

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December 01, 2013

Tracking What Leaders Give

Where your treasure is, your heart is. And God looks down and says, “This isn’t just cheap; this is evil.” And it starts with church leaders, and so let me talk real plainly. Many churches don’t even track the giving of the leaders, and then the leaders are encouraging the people to be generous, but nobody’s checking to see if the leaders are generous. I would say that’s evil.

Now, I’m not going through checking every single leader, but I’m making sure that every leader, particularly those on paid staff and eldership, give. Out of the 64 elders, 63 are generous. One, not sure about, we’ll follow up with. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances; something happened. We don’t want to be legalistic about this, but we do want to say, “Before we ask anybody to do anything, we want to make sure that the leaders are setting a good example.”

One out of sixty-four elders, eh?  Not that Driscoll's personally going through checking every single leader, there's probably a department for that. :)


So ... it was fine to keep track of the one out of sixty-four that Driscoll wasn't sure was being generous ... but to date there's no disclosure of how much the pastors make?  The lead and executive pastors have been tagged as in the 100k to 120k range at job listings at various websites (for those keeping track) but the compensation of the executive elders has not been disclosed yet and this seems all the more pertinent in light of Sutton Turner's recently announced resignation.  If Mars Hill couldn't afford to keep Turner around that simply highlights anew that nobody in the regular echelons of Mars Hill seems to even know what the executive elders make.

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