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a revisitation of Sutton Turner's career at one time recounted in LinkedIn, part 7 Mars Hill Church April 2011 to present

Executive Pastor & Executive Elder

Mars Hill Church

Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry
April 2011Present (2 years 10 months) seattle, washington
Sutton currently serves Mars Hill Church as Executive Elder and Executive Pastor. Mars Hill is a multi-site church with 14 current churches across the states of Washington, California, New Mexico, and Oregon. Mars Hill has planted over 400 churches through its www.Acts29Network.org and trains disciples through www.theResurgence.org. As Executive Pastor, Sutton oversees all centralized functions for all 14 Mars Hill Churches, TheResurgence.com, Mars Hill Global, Mars Hill Network, Resurgence Books, and Resurgence Conference, all external Campaigns, as well as serving Pastor Mark Driscoll as his Executive Pastor.

 April 2011 thru November 2011 he served as General Manager before becoming an elder.
Now what may be of note about this November 2011 moment was that it was when he became an elder, and he became an executive elder somewhere about that time, if memory serves. 
According to this ...
Charter Names
MARS HILL CHURCHActiveLegal11/28/2011

Transaction History

TransactionAmendment IDTransaction TypeComments
11/28/2011A0722074Amended Statement and Designation by Foreign CorporationNAME CHANGE FROM: MARS HILL FELLOWSHIP
This was also the time frame in which Mars Hill Fellowship was made inactive as a charter name and amended to Mars Hill Church.
Also of potential interest ... the California stuff..

Business Details

State of Incorporation:WA
Business Type:Corporation
Tax Base:Non-Stock (Nonprofit)
Mailing Address: 1411 NW 50TH ST.
Secretary of State ID:C3381853
Incorporation Date:06/02/2011
According to California, at least this site and its date state, the incorporation date of Mars Hill Church was June 2, 2011.  If people besides Wenatchee The Hatchet have been curious about when, where, how and why Mars Hill Fellowship somehow transformed into Mars Hill Church this may be a small but possibly useful clue.

Well, what does the California Secretary of State webpage have to say?

Entity Number:C3381853
Date Filed:06/02/2011
Entity Address:1411 NW 50TH ST.
Entity City, State, Zip:SEATTLE WA 98107
Agent for Service of Process:C T CORPORATION SYSTEM
Agent Address:818 WEST SEVENTH ST 2ND FL
Agent City, State, Zip:LOS ANGELES CA 90017

i.e. Mars Hill Church (entity number C3381853) filed June 2, 2011, is active, has CT corporation as its agent for service of process and is based in Seattle.  So the Wysk bit checks out, it seems. 
It's also interesting that the name change seems to have gotten an official amendment ID of some kind in November 2011, which was the month Sutton Turner seemed to join the executive elder squad. 
This was around the time that Mars Hill Orange County was getting prepared for formal launch, if memory serves, it was also in the wake of the trademark/logo controversy in California that has been previously discussed.

One of the ironies that just doesn't seem to quit for Wenatchee The Hatchet is that Mars Hill Church let Stokes & Lawrence send a cease-and-desist to a church in California over trademark and logo infringement during the same "season" in which Sutton Turner was joining the executive leadership team, signed the Result Source Inc contract and the book Real Marriage was hitting the presses and promotional tour in its first edition without so much as a footnote acknowledging Dan Allender's work in Grace Driscoll's chapter 7, "Grace and Disgrace". 

It will be interesting to keep keeping tabs on real estate transactions conducted by Mars Hill across the country.  And for the moment this ends the recap/slight update on Turner as he ended up on the Executive Elder team at Mars Hill.

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