Thursday, September 04, 2014

a linkathon, more or less just because

An assertion that professors who make their own published work required reading a class aren't people you should take courses from.  Well, depends on the professor, the topic, and the reasoning.  Certain levels of competency would suggest that it's okay.  It wouldn't have been an entirely bad thing to have taken a class on the epistle to the Hebrews by William Lane, would it? 

But, generally, the assertion in the linked article has some merit.

this link from a February 5, 2008 speaking event still works.

in another assorted revisitation of old materials, some writings on the life and death of Thomas Kinkade

The Blood Harvest, worth linking to again just for the sweet title alone.

HT Phoenix Preacher, "The Rise of Biblical Counseling"

running with a portal/distributor theme

It's just one study and while 8k+ would theoretically get past the sampling bias ... fans of for-profit colleges (or founders) might not thrill to this survey and the claim that your odds of job market success with a 2-year community college degree don't seem any worse than paying for a for-profit college degree.

only in the age of the internet, perhaps, could we begin to formalize a discussion of a "right to be forgotten"/

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