Thursday, September 04, 2014

a brief overview of the Mars Hill career of Dustin Kensrue in formal pastoral activity

Why so many screen caps lately? Because MH sure loves retroactive media purges in 2014..

It wasn't that long ago, June 21, 2012, in fact, that Dustin Kensrue posted about how the Kensrues were moving to Bellevue.
By: Dustin Kensrue
Posted: Jun 21, 2012

... “Well . . .” Exhaling mild expletives in unison, my wife and I turned to look at each other with a strange mixture of excitement and bewilderment. “I guess we’re moving to Seattle,” she said as I alternated nodding an agreement and shaking my head in shock.

We were seated across from Pastor Thomas Hurst, the lead pastor for Mars Hill Downtown Bellevue, and had until a minute prior, been all but certain we would be returning south to continue in my work as worship director for Mars Hill Orange County. A month prior, Pastor Mark had asked me to consider moving to Bellevue and to serve alongside him there, take on a larger role in leading the worship ministry across the churches, and help to spearhead the newly formed Mars Hill Music. I had considered it, prayed out about, talked to a ton of people, and finally decided to fly up north and see if God would show up and change my mind.

Over at The Christian Post it was noted that Kensrue took up the mantle of Worship Pastor

There was also this link .. way back in October 2011, thoroughly dead now and rest assured robots.txt ensures you can't plug the link into an archive tool.

But it looks like a basically complete transcript (cut-and-paste) of the profile has been preserved over here.

meanwhile ... in more recent news

Kensrue may, as of this posting, still have some role within Mars Hill bands but that is not entirely certain. 

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Jeremy Nakasone said...

With what Dustin expressed in his resignation letter, I doubt he's still involved with anything at Mars Hill. It'd kinda be like that awkward moment where you keep running into your ex after a horrible break up and the whole time it's just a completely awkward/weird feeling. If I were him, I'd leave the church entirely. Just my two cents.