Saturday, September 20, 2014

a bit of unsolicited advice to former MH pastors in light of Sutton Turner's resignation, if you're going to say anything on record at all consider doing it in the next 18 hours

Because with the speed of change at Mars Hill, which Driscoll has often said was very fast, if you don't make some kind of statement about Mars Hill, its history, your role in it and about things you may have regretted, there may not be much left to have said.

Turner resigning because Mars Hill basically can't afford to keep him and his family dealing with "personal attacks" of the sort that Mark Driscoll's public persona has played a role in inviting since about fifteen years ago is a strange moment. 

Van Skaik mentioned Turner soberly acknowledged that Mars Hill basically couldn't afford to keep him.  The question of what the executive elders even make has yet to be publicly discussed.  The full history of Ministry Coaching International and Michael Van Skaik's association with both MCI and Mars Hill has yet to be discussed.  Not to put too fine a point on things, brothers, you're the ones out there who have this information who could at least potentially share it and haven't done so yet.

The survival of the corporation that is known as Mars Hill Church may be in flux.  If you wait, and wait, and wait for a suitable time that can be understood by at least some people ... and it can also be possible that if the corporation doesn't survive then in the decades to come it may be asked why you, those of you men who were part of the leadership culture and could have spoken up at all (or sooner) didn't speak up. 

Wenatchee The Hatchet spent a decade at Mars Hill, came to have significant concerns about the leadership culture and the culture at large, and chose to begin documenting things as accurately and as in-the-time as possible.  To the extent that a blog that was never even supposed to be a "watchblog" got started it can be thought of as documenting the history of Mars Hill by someone trying to set the record straight about how much the culture has changed and how far afield from the initial founding values we seem to have strayed in the last decade or two. 

Or to be a bit too blunt, if co-founding pastor Lief Moi has made a point of going on the record saying anything at all ... you could consider speaking up.  It's not a command so much as an invitation.  There's an opportunity to speak up about what you have seen and heard and participated in. 

When Paul Tripp was reported on the advice for men in the leadership culture now the advice was reported as basically saying, remember those stones from years ago?  Find `em and use `em. 

Again, an invitation and not any kind of command.  Who knows whether or not the greatest act of repentance and penance you may be able to take up in this life might not be "I was an elder at Mars Hill Church"?

And if changes as big as Turner's resignation are happening you may have mere days before delaying to say anything may mean history has passed you by.

Okay, so maybe 18 hours is too much rhetorical flourish. :)  But it's worth noting that in December 2013 Mark Driscoll was convinced, utterly convinced this year was going to be the biggest year ever.  Whether there even is a Mars Hill in 2016 may be a real question.  Speak up while there is still a Mars Hill of some kind to receive the potential correction.  If Mars Hill crumbles and you never speak up you may still live plenty long enough to have someone ask you at your church why you sat silently by and let things happen.

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