Friday, August 08, 2014

word on the town is that Jamie Munson is officially gone from Mars Hill

Screen caps not available at the moment, but this has made the rounds:

Sent 7:18 to Downtown Seattle
From Pastor Matthias Haeusel:
 Dear Downtown Family -

For almost two decades Mars Hill has been blessed to have the Munson family be part of the ministry of Mars Hill Church and we thank God for all that he has allowed them to be part of over that time. We are so grateful for what the Lord did through Pastor Jamie and the Munson family. I am so thankful for the years of ministry work he has done for our church and the year we have been able to minister together. Pastor Jamie has been part of seeing thousands of lives impacted by the Lord at Mars Hill. We are so thankful for their family and for the hours of love and care that they have offered to us over these last two decades. We are looking forward to how God is going to use them in the future and to see them take what they have learned and the growth that they have experienced over these years and invest it for Jesus’ fame, and the good of his church.

Pastor Jamie and I met last Saturday (8.2.2014) and he wanted to pass this along to you all:
“Dear Friends, after almost two decades at Mars Hill we have made the decision to resign from eldership and will be looking for a new church home. We’re so grateful for our time at Mars Hill and trust the church will continue to reach many more people for Jesus. Though we are moving on from the church we are not moving on from the friendships we’ve formed. Countless people have impacted our lives over the years and for that we are deeply grateful. Thank you for loving our family. Blessings, Jamie and Crystal”

Thank you Pastor Jamie! I am very grateful for you and your family.

Pastor Matthias

And Tim Smith, the other young guy who helped Mark Driscoll reverse-engineer Mars Hill toward a growth goal at the dawn of the millennium, announced earlier this year he'd be going on a sabbatical.
As in:

I know some of you have been a churches where “sabbatical” is code for “he’s really looking for a graceful way to quit.”  I assure you that is not the case here.  I am more encouraged about the future of Mars Hill and more motivated on the mission of Jesus than ever!  I have simply run really hard for a decade and a half and, by God’s grace, I’m going to take an extra long vacation.

With Munson formally resigning (if the recent report is true) and Smith on a sabbatical in which he insisted the sabbatical was not a coded announcement of looking for a graceful way to exist it will be interesting to hear what preaching Smith does when he gets back from his sabbatical. 

As noted in the past, Mars Hill has taken enough pains to begin scrubbing even Jamie Munson a bit off of the Mars Hill online presence if Munson doesn't tackle his early and controversial 2007 leadership decisions Joyful Exiles might remain the only testimony to his leadership era.  For his sake that would be a shame since by earlier 2013 Mark Driscoll had begun describing himself as having personally revised the constitution and by-laws of Mars Hill Church and this despite the fact that all correspondence and statements from 2007 established that it was Munson who drafted the by-laws Meyer and Petry were objecting to, for which they were then fired.

Munson may be gone from Mars Hill but he does have family and friends within the Puget Sound area. 

The resignations have been slow but steady even after the tumultuous 2011-2012 period.  It remains to be seen who else may vanish from the ranks of Mars Hill.

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