Saturday, August 23, 2014

via Becky Garrison--another follow up on trusts and real estate

Garrison has gone to the King County records for marriage licensing and has been able to find that one  Melanie J Driscoll and  Leon E Thompson got a marriage license February 3, 1997.  Instrument number 199702037521.  Date of marriage 1/18/1997.


Tim Worley said...

Wenatchee, your blog is largely about MHC relationships and inter-relationships...with some of the MHC bands leaving the church, I'd be curious whether the Mars Hill/Tooth & Nail Records/BEC recordings link is being maintained, whether former Mars Hill bands can maintain the "record company" relationship apart from MHC, etc. On a practical level, I integrate some MHC musical material into what my church does on Sunday morning, but I'm getting increasingly nervous about potential negative connotations, even with some great material I find above reproach.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

That's a good question and probably deserves its own post.